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Spirit Release sessions with Wayne Wia-Ling

Wayne Wia-Ling doing a spirit release
Wayne Wia-Ling doing a spirit release

Releasing earthbound spirits from a person is fairly straight forward and can be done in a 1-1.5½ hour session with Wayne. The session will also include techniques to help you to protect yourself from future attachments. You are generally only likely to need one session. There are some instances which may require a follow up session at a later time.

Costs : Varies according to location / travel.

Removing negative entities and / or curses / or psychic attack from a person is a far more complicated procedure and is likely to take somewhere between 1 to 2 hours. Subsequent sessions are usually shorter. Though sometimes one session is all you need.

Costs : Varies according to location / situation / travel.

Whereas having attached or semi-attached earthbound spirits is quite common, being possessed by negative entities is not. Many people have a tendency to look outside of themselves for a reason for their life not working. They blame their psychological problems on attached negative spirits.

Likely results from a Spirit Release session
If you have had earthbound spirits removed from your energy field, then you are likely to feel lighter in yourself, with more energy and enthusiasm for life. Symptoms, which were caused by these spirits, will be gone or will slowly fade away over the next few days.

If you have had negative entities removed from your energy field you are likely to notice an immediate effect. You will feel different, like your old self, your energy and optimism for life will have returned. This feeling of well-being will increase over the next few days and weeks. You will know that something subtle has changed and that your life is now going to be far more successful and happy. The positive changes in your physical life will become very obvious. In some cases results seem nothing short of miraculous.

However if you have been insisting that your psychological problems are caused by spirit attachment, then removing any spirits who are attached to you may not have any noticeable effect.

Wayne finds that people who are more open as to the cause of their problems usually have more noticeable results that those who are totally convinced that their problems are caused by spirits and are closed to any other explanation.

Please note that some of your symptoms may only leave you after a Spirit Release session, if they are caused by a spirit or negative entity. Please note that in some cases, there are many layers to this form of healing and that one session may not be enough.

Please also realise that as this sort of healing work is unique, it is not to be rushed. It is therefore not recommended that you have this sort of treatment say at ‘lunch time’ or before you need to rush off somewhere. It is also imperative to do this sort of Release in a controlled and QUIET environment.  People moving about, talking, emotional outbursts by other people, noise from TV etc will affect the work.

After such a healing, please also take some time out for yourself. Relax. Have a quiet time. Eat lightly, drink lots of water. Rest early. One may feel out of balance for a few days. This is normal. As you have in someways, just had some energies removed. Its like having surgery though on a spiritual plane.