Wayne as a Medium & Channeller

“The message I received was a healing in itself. I am ever so grateful for allowing me to see into my Higher Self and to receive this wonderful experience.”
Sherrill, Auckland

“Wayne had predicted that I would be introduced to a new job by a man. I didn’t think too much about it until it happened exactly the way it did. Amazing!”
Charlotte, Copenhagen

“When I saw Wayne in April  to ask about my job situation, he said that there would be a change coming to me by August. He said that that I will be offered a position similar to what I do now but different in the way of new challenges. It seemed such a long time to go until sometime in May when I was approached by another company offering a new position especially created for me. It is similar to what I do now but it is different in many ways. I finally gave in my notice and I will resign from my present company in August! I also saw Wayne again in July for ‘updates’ on my new job and he said that I will be travelling westward to India.. and would you believe that a few days after that reading, my new boss called me and said that I will be going to exactly the same places Wayne said I will be going!”
S. S. , Singapore

“Wayne touched my life in a very memorable way – and his gift of speaking to those in the Spirit World really impacted my views on life. I knew it was possible, but I never realized how helpful the information could be to my whole world. It made me realize that the people we loved and who have left this earth plane are still very much with us – just in another dimension or vibration. I would not have known this – and for this I am deeply grateful. Wayne is a lovely person with a very giving soul – and he never holds back. His generous spirit lead him to freely giving of his time, knowledge and special gift of channeling, mediumship and healing to anyone he comes in contact with. I am blessed to have met him.”
Charlene, CapeTown.

“Wayne had said that I would know by September 2011 if I was returning to Australia. I was offered a promotion to be a junior partner in my firm in August. Needless to say, I stayed on and said goodbye to Down Under.”
E.S. , Hong Kong


Wayne as a Healer

“This is unlike any healing I’ve ever had. Words cannot describe what I had just experienced. BLU-e is unique. I am a changed man.”
Guy, Brussels.

“I was so lucky to be on a BLU-e healing demonstration in Oslo. I feel that I sleep better , but a very strange thing has happened. For a long time I have had some back pain, which goes down to my feet. The day after your demonstration, I suddenly felt a warm and burning vibration at the problem area. I was at work and was very surprised, but now the back pain is gone. So keep on with the good work and thank you very much.”
T.M., Oslo

“I have suffered from constant pain to my ribcage due to a very old injury for about 30 odd years. I cannot express the gratitude that after one trance healing session from you, the pain has not surfaced again. Some may call it coincidence but I see it as a miracle. You have the touch of an angel!”
M.W., Auckland

“Wayne has an incredible healing power. I can feel his energy when he walks in the room! He doesn’t know it but he’s just so humble, but I can tell everyone about it. Ask him to charge up your hankerchief. He did and I use it as a healing cloth whenever I am in pain and it alleviates much of the discomfort. I don’t know how it works but I am so grateful that he is part of my life. Thank you also for the messages from Spirit. Thank you for just being you!”
Mimi, Hong Kong

“I’m not surprised at all about people’s reactions to the energy – I’ve never experienced anything like it. I’ve had episodes/healings where I have felt my vibration shift and experienced periods of tingling and elevation etc…but there’s something more profound about what you’re doing – I sense it is more long lasting, more core somehow. Since I’ve received the Chi Reactivation & Distant Energy Healing over our Skype session, it’s really had a transformational effect on me. I’m feeling much more positive and directed about my life. It’s very exciting and I’m very grateful, Wayne.”
Kate, UK

“I had been plagued with continuous psychic attack for 7 years when I met Wayne. I distinctly remember when the ‘bot’ was removed and it was as if a plug had been plucked from my right temple. There were several times post this healing where the originator attempted psychic attack again, but It was never successful. This is an area of life which is confusing and debilitating for most people and it is real. Thankfully there are those trained who can clear these energies and provide relief, Wayne being one of them.”
Michele Roberts, Energy Therapist

“I feel completely transformed after seeing Wayne. I have to admit that I used to have bad thoughts and after one healing, I have slept better and now see life in a totally different light. Thank you so much.”
Anonymous, Hong Kong

“Wayne’s natural gift of healing begins when you’re with him. I can sense a calmness whenever he comes to my house for a visit. I know my cat seems calmer around him. Its as if Wayne leaves an imprint of his healing energy wherever he goes!”
Jax, London

“Wayne is a facilitator for BLU-e. The energy he channels from the Spiritual realms. I find his work credible because he has proven himself to be a gifted psychic-medium to which he can communicate with loved ones who have passed. And because of this fact, I know that whatever he is channeling is coming from Spirit. Not every teacher out there these days can prove the evidence of Life beyond our existence!”
Lisa, London

“From the tips of his fingers, rays of golden light were streaming forth, much like shooting stars appear on a dark night. I was mesmerized. It was astounding, and yet, so very real. This enormous blue-hued light expanded from his form, outwards and upwards, filling the dimly-lit room with a soft, soothing incandescent light. I have struggled to find the words to describe this experience. Suffice it to say that I am forever transformed. This is a spiritual being of monumental proportions.”
Francoise, CapeTown

“I came to ask Wayne if certain sounds and ‘activities’ are really in my house. He came and performed a ‘crossing over’ ritual for the earthbound Spirits (as I have been told). But I can definitely feel the peace in my house again.”
Lydia, Hong Kong

On Karmic Frequency Soul Contract Realignment

“I don’t know how to explain yesterday’s session: the truth of the session spoke to me on so many levels. All my fears and worries make sense now and in understanding them, their power has almost completely gone, I can think about things which used to upset me terribly and it doesn’t affect me anymore, it is truly extraordinary….And in more ways than one: within 12 hours, I had a personal meeting with the Prime Minister who promised me 6 million for a landmark arts festival project I am initiating, my husband received a cash windfall; And within 24 hours, someone got in touch with me to take over a listed company I’m involved with and take it to greater heights – I’ve been calmer, more relaxed and more focused about what I want to achieve and the thousands of people whose lives I want to touch and transform for the better. Thank you, Wayne.”
S.R, Kuala Lumpur

“Wayne’s session was excellent. He is very spot on, intuitive, and he was able to work on the matters which was pressing to me, and turnaround them to something positive. There has been much important matter, he was able to reveal to me, and it has helped me to understand life better, and to move forward. I am very thankful for the session, as it helped me to understand myself better, and the solutions to matters which was troubling me. I appreciate the explanation on how I can ‘tweak’ the charts daily. Thank you.”                                                                                                     S.K., Kuala Lumpur

“..I was intrigued with this form of ‘therapy’. I couldn’t believe it but I actually felt as if my body was shifting when Wayne was working on my chart. And when he turned the chart around to maximise the direction, I definitely felt something. I felt more grounded and things seem clearer. It’s quite amazing.. “                                                                                                                                                      Olivia, London