EnergiesWe have five layers of energy bodies. They are physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each layer’s outer shape appears egg-shaped and normally extends out about two to three feet beyond the physical body, depending on the situation the person is experiencing.

The following describes the five layers:

  1. The PHYSICAL ENERGY BODY is the densest form of energy. The vibrational patterns of the physical body are of a frequency low enough to be experienced by everyone with our five senses.
  2. The ETHERIC ENERGY BODY is the physical body’s blueprint. Traumas to the physical body are reflected into the etheric body. Energy therapy restores the etheric energy body back to its original vibrational pattern which existed prior to the trauma, enabling healing of the traumatic events to the physical body.
  3. The EMOTIONAL ENERGY BODY contains the emotional patterns, feelings, and vibrations that determine our personality, and also how we feel about ourselves and interact with others. If we are consistently fearful, constantly angry or always feel helpless, these patterns or vibrations get locked in our emotional energy field and become a part of our personality.
  4. The MENTAL ENERGY BODY contains the structure and patterns of all the thoughts and belief systems that we consider as true. There is a very strong connection between the mental and emotional bodies. Although a thought or
    idea can in itself be very powerful, our reactions to those thoughts carry even more energy. The emotional body records the intensity of the reaction to the thought stored in the mental body.
  5. The SPIRITUAL ENERGY BODY contains all the information related to our experiences, and reflects our consciousness of all that has been learned and experienced. It contains our higher intentions, our sense of what is right and wrong, and our desire to increase our awareness of our purpose, place and mission for this lifetime.