Wayne Wia-Ling is an International Spiritualist Psychic-Medium, Channeller, Trance Healer, Spirit Release practitioner, Geomancer (Earth Energy healer), Medical Intuitive, Feng Shui Consultant, Home Energy Harmoniser, Flower Essence Practitioner and Mystic.


As a Medium, he is able to communicate with those who have passed as well as guide earthbound Spirits to cross over. Spiritualism is not a religion but its to give evidence that life continues even after physical death.


As a Clairvoyant (some call it Psychic), he uses the ability of Clairvoyance to ‘see’ & ‘feel’ into one’s soul path. In that, he ‘sees’, ‘feels’, ‘senses’ and ‘knows’ about any one’s soul purpose, or imprint. When upon reading your soul’s journey in this lifetime, he may then be able to see the path you have the potential in moving towards your future. It is not fortune telling, but rather what your true purpose is supposed to be. However, know that you would still have free choice and free will to change any situation you wish.


As a Channel, he relays messages from his team of Spirit guides and Ascended Beings. Through trance speaking, he answer questions relating to one’s journey and life purpose.


As a Healer, he may assist in helping you heal emotionally and physically. He channels a unique form of energy called BLU-e™. It offers a healing experience unlike any other modality that combines a Chi-(gong) like-energy and Spiritual healing in one. In some circumstances, he offers physical trance healing with his Spirit Guide, Master “Nan”, who has been identified as having once been Grand Chi Gong master (through his energy pattern) and a team of Spiritual Light Beings. People who have experienced the power of BLU-e™ seem transformed. Some have likened it to be a form of DNA, Starseed activation or Kundalini reawakening. He regularly holds healing meditation sessions where one may feel the powerful BLU-e™ healing energies just by being in the room. Wayne has a natural calming Chi energy that heals (and empowers) all those near him, even when he sleeps !


Wayne uses the “BLU-e™” energy modality, who are the ministries of Light Beings, Angels, and Higher Ascended masters in assisting him in Spirit Release & Soul Contract Realignment (for the person) & Healing Spaces (as Geomancer for the home or office). The goal of a spirit release is to remove the energy attachment that one may have on oneself or at one’s abode, to cleanse, balance and restore the person to their optimum vibrational health. An attachment may be in the form of psychic curses or attacks, past life contracts, or emotional attachments that are not normally your own characteristics. Spirit attachments may be of one’s home, business (sometimes even to the name of the business), buildings, sites, or the ancestral family tree. A spirit release session is a comfortable, safe and simple process. During the session Wayne will try to find the root cause of why there is an attachment joined in the first place as there are occasions when it is an indication that something within us needs healing so that we no longer attract these energies to us.

Soul Contract Realignment

A Soul Contract Realignment is to release past lives’ contracts, promises, curses and spiritual attachments.. You could have attachments from your past lives which affects your current Soul Contract (even if you do not feel anything indifferent). These attachments can come in the form of your own promises, or other peoples’ curses and psychic attacks. All these affect your current life and future potential.. Benefits of getting a SCR include –

  • Releasing spiritual or Karmic attachments
  • Changing of one’s potential and fulfilling your life purpose
  • Adjusting one’s lifeline towards a better future
  • Soul ‘cleansing’, removing past live contracts
  • Removing negative entities
  • Releasing cords that may impede one’s development
  • Readjusting one’s spiritual DNA to enhance your potential

Other Services

Home Energy-Clearing & Blessings, Spirit Rescue, Karmic-Soul Healing, Emotional Rejuvenation, Confidence Empowerment, and Corporate Motivational sessions.


The process of curing is passive; that is, the patient is inclined to give his or her authority over to the physician and prescribed treatment instead of actively challenging the illness and reclaiming health. Healing , on the other hand, is an active and internal process that includes investigating one’s attitudes, memories, and beliefs with the desire to release all negative patterns that prevent one’s full emotional and spiritual recovery.”
Caroline Myss, PhD