Distant Sessions can be conducted over Skype / Phone for BLU-e™  Life Readings, BLU-e™ Chi Reactivation & Frequency Empowerment,  BLU-e™ Distant Healing Sessions (in Trance and Frequency states), Mediumship or Soul Contract Realignment Sessions.

Spirit Release sessions must initially be booked as 2 sessions. The first session is for 60 mins, with a follow up session of 30 mins.

I will always try to be flexible for you. However, I am usually very busy, and there could be up to a two-week wait. If you would like me to make your session a priority, please be ready to commit to do the same.  As I have a hectic travel schedule, we need to have some flexibility in what times we can schedule.

I will require advance prepayment from you to confirm a session. This would indicate that you are committed in having a session and I can then advise you about your time slot.

Please click here for a deposit of US$ 100 made through PayPal.

All sessions are based on time.
20 Minute Session

Chi Reactivation / Frequency Empowerment
or Distant Healing

60 min Session
For Soul Contract Realignment with BLU-e Frequency Reactivation
Channelled BLU-e session
1st Session – 60 min.
Follow up – 30 min.
Spirit Release


Legal Disclaimer

All sales are final unless otherwise stated. This service is provided for ‘entertainment’ purposes only, and no guarantees are implied or stated. You must be 18 years or older to book or receive a session, and to make a purchase. This session is not a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care. Please seek the advice of a trained medical profession about any health concerns. Any decision you make based on a reading you do so of your own free will. You release Wayne of any and all liability resulting from use or misuse of information attained for any reason.
All readings, healings and sessions are subject to the client’s interpretation.