BLU-e™ – A System of Vibration Frequencies in Biological & Environmental Harmonisation

BLU-e™ is an energy that elevates you into the collective sub-consciousness of Mother Earth and the Universe. It can augment your vibrational frequency and empower you to heal yourself, others and the environment.

BLU-e™ has been described by some as an accelerated or intensified form of a chi energy.  The general understanding is that normally, you can only experience the power of your Inner Chi through martial arts, yoga, deep meditation and other spiritual modalities which would take months or years to realise. With BLU-e™, however, this energy accelerates the process in a very short period of time by harmonising your biofrequency.

BLU-e™ is not just about healing. For the individual, it’s a response to the ‘quickening’ of our plane of existence. Its a frequency , which can adapt and harmonise with intent of the biology of subjects and of the energetic space that surrounds us. For some people, this is a transformational experience. To others, it is like a reawakening of their inner power to heal.  It carries a frequency that is akin to alchemy. BLU-e™ has been mentioned that it carries similar qualities to that of the Medicine Buddha.

BLU-e™ is hard to define in just words – it has to be experienced.