Mediumship by Wayne Wia-Ling, Mystic Traveller

Mediumship is an interesting process that embodies communication with departed souls/spirit. Each reading is unique and custom-made for each individual.

True Mediumship seeks validation of the continuance of the soul. There are many ways for a spirit to validate who they are and here are some examples:

  • The Medium might get names or initials – also a spirit’s personality and traits may be described.
  • They might also show what their relationship was with you.
  • Most spirits are willing to show how they passed to the Medium.
  • Spirits may give dates of reference; some have been known to mention other family members or friends’ names (present and or past).
  • They may make mention of recent events in your, your family or friends’ current life to show awareness of the here and now and of their spiritual presence at the event.
  • They might show past events, a favourite flower, book, song or any favourite item from their life or even yours.
  • And just to keep us on our toes, they like to surprise us and have found some really unique ways of validating themselves.

Souls/Spirit communicate in the following ways.


A Medium receives messages in any or all of the above ways.

I feel very blessed to be able to receive messages in ALL of the above methods. Language is irrelevant. Spirit messages are communicated through THOUGHTS and it is the interpretation by the medium to pass the message through.

The spirit may choose to use any or all of the above methods or even none of them. Rest assured, they WILL find a way to validate themselves. You might be holding out for a specific validation that you’ve asked spirit to bring in advance. Sometimes this method works and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s why it’s important not to place any preconceived expectations on the reading. It’s also a good idea to take notes and/or have the session recorded to keep a record of the information received.

I work from a place of integrity, truth and love with the intentions of helping all souls/spirits involved in the reading (living and departed).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How My Readings Work

Every reading is different and is custom made for you by the Spiritual Universe.
I set the same intentions for each reading and am guided by the Universe as to what will be best for you.
I begin by tapping into your own energies/aura, in a psychic nature. This allows me to connect with you on a higher vibrational level and lets us know we are connecting by giving evidence of what’s going on with you now. This comes through in physical ailments, emotional states, personal happenings, etc. From there, I invite in past loved ones who wish to communicate.

Sometimes I don’t get to the initial psychic connection when someone (in spirit) is waiting and it’s more important to spend the time with them. Other times, I’m guided to stay with the person on a psychic level as that is what they need.

Others may get messages or guidance from their own Spirit Guides. I do not make those decisions, the Spiritual Universe does. There is always time for questions but most find they receive their answers without having to ask.
Remember, you always get what you need!

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