Personal Mentoring (or Life coaching) programmes are customised on an individual basis.

Get more in-depth interaction with Wayne Wia-Ling Tan as your personal mentor. There is a lot to be gained by allowing a mentor to access areas of your life experience and assist you.

What is it?

A Personal Mentoring Session includes Wayne and YOU.

A Spiritual Mentoring Session, however, includes Wayne, YOU, and the Greatness that is the Universe / Light / God. Unlike a normal session, you bring issues or content that you wish to work on with Wayne and/or Spirit.

Essentially, Mentoring Sessions are a commitment to on-going personal development work and guidance.

For this to work, you agree to ‘work’ during the time between sessions. The time spent together does not focus on channeled or psychic/intuitive information, such as when will a new job present itself. Instead, it looks at whether your personal development will lay open a path so you can succeed in finding a job. The content is broader and is always addressed within the context of your spiritual and personal growth.

Mentoring sessions involve interactive communication, between all present. For example, you might work on issues related to your understanding of the soul’s journey, your ability to meditate, your desire to be a healer or be healed, the relationship with the Divine or topics like your career path, or relationship struggles, or receiving training on the intuitive.

Areas to Work Through

Discussing and agreeing on which topics or life areas that will be addressed is done before and during the mentoring process. Possible areas open for learning-shifting-growing-expanding during a mentorship are:

  • Health — diet, routine, exercise. There are easy ways to incorporate a healthful lifestyle into our daily lives. The old model of ‘no pain, no gain’ has shifted to ‘all gain, no pain’ or ‘in our pleasure we find our treasure’. This may involve some slight changes to your diet. No it does not mean you have to go without your favourite foods or be vegetarian but it might require a change of habit. Direct connection to the Source of Light is the ‘blueprint’ that can ‘reset’ our system back to easy health and a clear mind.
    Questions one may have include:

    • Why do I feel bad after eating that goodness? I’m hungry all the time. Why?
  • Mental — thought patterns, habitual ways of experiencing the world through past programming, genetic, social, cultural conditioning, back ground patterning & programs come up for release -re evaluation. We have fun, forgive and see our particular patterns. Shamans call this our ‘personal history’ that holds us stuck in patterns. Questions may arise from:
    • Why can’t I find a partner?
    • Why do people not get along with me? Why do I feel so alone?
    • Why do my pets avoid me?
  • Spiritual — Opening to new areas of directly contacting the Spiritual dimensions of Existence.
    • What is my Life Purpose?
    • Why do I feel stuck in my (Spiritual) development?
    • How can I ‘connect’ with Spirit?
    • Can we talk directly to the Light Beings –and beings that have gone before and have mastered Life?
    • What is mediumship? How can I learn it?
    • Can we learn to see & feel the Devic Kingdom, Nature Spirits, and the energies of Nature and the Universe?
    • Who are the Angels? How can we allow them to help us? How can we ‘call them in’?
    • Who and what are the ET’s that are visiting Earth? Can we really clearly know the Truth?
    • Why have we ‘fallen’ and feel like crap on Earth?
    • Why do I feel like I know nothing?
    • Why has it become so (seemingly) ‘complicated’ to wake up, to heal, to know for sure about Spirit? Or very simply … Why? Who? When? How?
  • Physical — Over years of simplifying health and allowing physical health to become second nature, as simple as breathing, Wayne has incorporated a simple system that becomes second nature and simply a part of the individuals being. A variety of modalities are employed, such as Breathing techniques, simply feeling, walking, being with Nature, easy meditation, learning how to feel connected with One every moment. These are very simple…but sometimes it’s helpful to have someone assist with reconnecting by direct energy transference back to our original states. Questions may arise as : Why do my knees ache? Why do I feel dizzy when I stand?

Depending on the skills, knowledge and experience being shared determines the posture the mentor will take. Mentors should be multifaceted in their role and techniques that are best suited to impart various skills and information.

To see if these types of sessions will work for you, contact me to discuss if mentoring is what you need. A brief appointment and discussion can be arranged. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or fortnightly based on your location and requirements.

*Please note that the mentorship programme is conducted independently from the BLU-e courses.