• Do you feel that you’re still ‘searching’ for your true path even after taking numerous workshops?
  • Do you feel ‘zoned’ out at times and feel as if you’re not focused? Do you feel that you’re not you?
  • Do you feel as if you have a higher purpose but struggle to find it?
  • Do you accept it that things are the way they are because of ‘fate’ or Karma?
  • Well, there is a solution, and it’s almost literally right beneath our noses.. What we need to understand is finding your Karmic Frequency…and making it right.

The energetic understanding of Karma offers a new perspective on this ancient principle of cause and effect. We incur Karma when our free will choices do not align with Divine will. Divine will is not always logical and while there are guiding principals, you won’t find a formula for it in any book. It is a far deeper understanding that you can only discover through communication with your Higher Self, but its foundation always rests on unconditional love not only for ourselves but also amongst each other. Not only do we have our personal Karma from all of our incarnations that are occurring simultaneously as in a multi dimensional existence but we also inherit the Karma of our parents and ancestors through our DNA and also through their past life existences. There is also the collective Karma of nations, places and Continents, and the Karma we inherit from the earth and amongst all Living things.

Karmic imprints are twisted energy patterns in our morphogenetic field that affect our overall frequency, create the shadow self, that affect our DNA and also our multi dimensional lives. It is frequency that determines the people, places, times, things, and events that are attracted in your life. Karmic imprints are always about “issues” such as victimization, self worth, and poverty consciousness. While we can clear some our Karma energetically, there lies herein layers upon layers of different frequencies amongst our Soul existence. Karma runs deep, but once we do clear and harmonise the frequencies in our lives to match those of your needs, eg food, environment, objects, you will find that your life will flow with greater ease. You will balance your inner masculine and feminine frequencies which can enables you to attract what matters in your life, from your soul mate, to the perfect job, to even where you are meant to be (environment). Learn how to create a new reality as a different frequency of people, places, times, things, and events which will be magnetized to you and ultimately to your highest potential.

The secret is the direction of where your Karmic Frequency should be !



Karmic Frequency Level 1 : How to energise and harmonise your Karmic Frequency to maximise your Life Potential

Life lessons in the form of issues that we will be studying in the form of Karmic frequency adjustments.

  • Food and supplements that you take (What suits you and what doesn’t)
  • Environmental space
  • What your Karmic Frequency is in the Higher Dimensional realms
  • Your past lives’ Karma. How to harmonise & correct your Karmic Past
  • How you can raise your Karmic Frequency
  • How to maintain your physical and spiritual energies
  • Earth and its problems and how to exist in its vibrational frequency
  • Understanding the potential factors of harmonisation and to create other’s Karmic Frequency charts.


MANCHESTER :  Saturday 19th November – 11am to 6pm. Venue : TBA

Price : £ 245


LONDON : Sunday 11th December – 11am to 5pm.  Venue : TBA

Price : £ 245*

*A specially charged pendulum is included for you. A slight knowledge on how to use the pendulum is beneficial but you will be taught how to use it specifically in this workshop.


Testimonials from people who have received Karmic Frequency sessions..

“Wayne’s session was excellent. He is very spot on, intuitive, and he was able to work on the matters which was pressing to me, and turnaround them to something positive. There has been much important matter, he was able to reveal to me, and it has helped me to understand life better, and to move forward. I am very thankful for the session, as it helped me to understand myself better, and the solutions to matters which was troubling me. I appreciate the explanation on how I can ‘tweak’ the charts daily. Thank you.” Shaila

“..I was intrigued with this form of ‘therapy’. I couldn’t believe it but I actually felt as if my body was shifting when Wayne was working on my chart. And when he turned the chart around to maximise the direction, I definitely felt something. I felt more grounded and things seem clearer. It’s quite amazing.. “   Olivia

Future KARMIC FREQUENCY workshops

Level 2 – How to energise and harmonise the Karmic Frequencies of places, spaces so that they resonate with you.

  • Learn how to harmonise your environmental space in city, & country that you live in.
  • Learn how to harmonise your relationships – friends, relatives and partners
  • Discover what your Karmic Frequency was at birth, and what has changed.
  • Your ancestral Karmic Frequency. How to correct your ancestor’s Karmic Frequencies
  • How to maintain your energies everyday
  • Learn how to create a Karmic Frequency chart for your pets, and home
  • Adjusting the frequencies of others.


Future workshop dates will be advised..