BLU-e stands for “BioFrequency Lightbeings, Universal energy”.

Initiate Aspects of BLU-e™  (Foundation, Part 1)

One-day Intensive Workshop in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday 7th January


* Understanding between the Universal & Chi energy systems within the Self & the Soul.

* Connecting with Earth , Universal energies and the powers of the Medicine Buddha.

* Connecting with your Soul Consciousness and your Higher Self.

* Cleanse your Chakras prior to receiving the 1st Level of the BLU-e™ Chi Empowerment – Frequency Attunement.

* Learn how to access & activate the BLU-e™ frequencies to assist in self healing.

* Learn how to access the powers of the Universal Consciousness to Manifest your desires

* Discover the ease to do BLU-e™ distance healing (& the 4 Directions) easily.

* Discover how to use BLU-e™ to empower  the home for positive energies.

* Learn how to empower BLU-e™ into water, objects for harmonisation.


 *Participants are required to practise the Chi Meditation prior to taking this workshop.

Active participants may take Part 2 after about 3 months from Level 1 as your vibrational frequency will increase exponentially and may require time to settle.


What You May Feel

You may feel changes on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes throughout the day as changes to your energy body systems begin the moment we start the workshop. Experiences include feeling energy shifts and sensations all over one’s body, with tingling, warmth or visual effects. Participants may find that their intuition abilities may improve or initiate after this workshop.

You may bring your own water bottle, though light refreshments will be provided.

Please wear comfortable clothing and thick socks or slippers.

You may bring blankets/wraps and pillows to be seated comfortably.

Price for Part 1 : MYR 1180-


The Initiate Aspects of BLU-e™  

(Part 2) – 2 day workshop  :


* 2nd  & 3rd BLU-eEmpowerment-Attunement & experience a new ‘Power-Up’ to enhance your energies.

* Learn how  BLU-e™ frequency moves through the Chi Meridian systems.

i) The Touch Healing method allows a flow through the body for an overall healing.

* Learn how to heighten your intuition.

With BLU-e™ it is natural that you will unfold these abilities easily.

* Learn about Medical Intuition. Discover your enhanced abilities to read the human psyche and possible energy irregularities and how to heal them

 Other healing techniques to learn:

i)Time-Line Healing – To help heal a situation before it occurs in this life time.
ii) Soul Consciousness Healing – For deeper states of healing, & in communication with the Soul.
iii) Ancestral Karmic Healing –  Learn to remove Karmic ties with your ancestors.

Date : March 2017 (Exact dates to be advised)

Price: RM 1380-


A certificate will be presented upon completion of  the Foundation Level workshop.