My sessions are time based – so you may get a mixture psychic, past life and mediumistic / channelled readings in one session. 
Spirit Release sessions are based on a case-by-case basis and will be advised if you need this modality.
For my mediumistic and psychic sessions :
Mediumship is the ability to communicate with departed souls/spirit. Each reading is unique for each individual.

Evidential Mediumship seeks validation of the continuance of the soul in the form of the personality of the spirit, some relevance to dates, some familiarity to your relationship and sometimes names.

Psychic readings are based on the ability to see a possible future in your life.

For Past Life Reading sessions:

“By knowing the past life events that caused our emotions to be trapped, we are then free to let those emotions go, and move forward in more loving harmony. The knowledge of the past life event and the subsequent releasing of the emotion that follows, allows us to live more fully in the present. We also are not drawn to repeating the patterns of attracting unhealthy relationships that were based on the negative emotion we were holding on to.

Wayne will work with any questions you may have about yourself and your relationship with others or challenges that you may be facing and would like to transform, be they physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual.


For information on Psychic Release, please go to : Spirit Release



What are Karmic Frequencies?

The energetic understanding of Karma offers a new perspective on this ancient principle of cause and effect. We incur karma when our free will choices do not align with divine will. Divine will is not always logical and while there are guiding principals, you won’t find a formula for it in any book. It is a far deeper understanding that you can only discover through communication with your Higher Self, but its foundation always rests on unconditional love not only for ourselves but also amongst each other. Not only do we have our personal Karma from all of our incarnations that are occurring simultaneously as in a mulit dimensional existence but we also inherit the Karma of our parents and ancestors through our DNA and also through their past life existences. There is also the collective Karma of nations and the Karma we inherit from the earth and amongst all Living things. 

What is a Soul Contract?

It is the belief that your soul made a contract before you came to being (born) of what your life is to be in this lifetime. From who your parents are, to the friends and partners you meet, and the persons you marry, to the kind of ailments, sickness and sufferings that you seem to have – all of this stems from what your contract was made out by you. This is why you sometimes feel like you must ‘surrender’ to the path you are meant to lead, that you must accept your fate (and Karma) and soldier on.

You will begin with a series of meditation exercises and affirmations before we can attempt to change your Soul Contract. Wayne will access your Higher Self’s contract to see if you can proceed. The Soul Contract Realignment will only take place with the permission of the Soul and not your Will. When permission is granted, Wayne will perform a multi-dimensional ‘clearing and adjustments’ to recalibrate your Soul path time-lines and so as to attract new abundance and well-being possibilities into your life. 

KARMIC FREQUENCY sessions are booked as a package. Wayne will  assess how many sessions are required for your potential. 

Testimonials may be found here.

  • Note that on occasions, Wayne might recommend a Flower Essence remedy to faciliate healing, release or potential. The cost of the essence is not included in the session and is payable as an extra item.

Wayne has been schooled and trained at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Advanced Psychic and Mediumistic Studies in the UK for over 15years.

All rates are as follows – :

All sessions except Psychic Spirit Release  60 – 75 mins                                    USD 200 / HKD $ 1500

Psychic Spirit Release 30 – 60 mins                                                                  USD 390 / HKD $ 3000   

Karmic Frequency Potential –    (3 sessions minimum)              From USD 690 / HKD $  5500